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 We are celebrating our 11th year of service. So a big Thank You to all our loyal customers for helping us stay your favourite Freight Forwarder!

The all conquering Samurai team won the 2015 Safari Sevens tournament in Nairobi. They will be keen to repeat their victory and continue their success in 7s competitions around the world.


Kesom Freight International is once again joining forces with the mighty Samurai Rugby team for the annual Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament in Nairobi. We are proud to announce for the second year running, that we will sponsor the Samurai Team in this years competition.

Sevens Kenya Rugby 2016

Kesom Freight International is once again sponsoring the Samurai Rugby team in the Safari Sevens Tournament 2016.

Kenya Rugby shirt 2016

The Safari Sevens is the premier Rugby Sevens tournament in Africa and draws Rugby fans from around the world to Kenya for this exciting competition. We wish the Samurai Team the best of luck and we will be cheering them on at every opportunity. You can keep track of the Samurai Team on their Facebook page and find out more information about the tournament at;

Kesom Freight Facebook

Main Tournament is on 24th & 25th September at Kasarani Stadium