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Flawless delivery from the UK’s most reliable international freight transport companyAt Kesom Freight we’re committed to providing safe passage for your goods and have helped hundreds of clients over the past nine years to transport everything from excess baggage to farm machinery all over the world.

With regard to customs, we handle all import, export, air, sea and road customs clearance requirements and provide a full range of clearance services at all major UK airports and sea ports, including Felixstowe, Southampton, Tilbury, Thamesport, Bristol, Liverpool, Grangemouth, Immingham, Heathrow and Manchester.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the strength of our guarantees and the speed and efficiency of our transportation, we are also proud to offer clients the option of door to door freight delivery – something few others in the industry are able to arrange – and will do whatever we can on top of this to ensure the whole process is as simple and hassle-free as possible for you.

Whether you are a commercial client or a private individual wishing to send on excess baggage, we can arrange for onward delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Our delivery record is flawless!

Unlike the vast majority of other freight transport companies, we have managed to maintain a 100% record on deliveries since 2004. Despite the vast distances covered and the fragility of many of the items we handle, we guarantee that your items will not only arrive on time, but in precisely the condition they arrived to us.

Why we’re unrivalled when it comes to express freight deliveries to Kenya

Thanks to my Kenyan background, I’m extremely familiar with the customs and clearance procedure when it comes to imports, and can offer an enormous amount of help to clients having their goods delivered there. Rather than allowing you to go through the hassle of sorting out fees and paperwork yourself, we will take care of everything for you at the start. All you need to do is confirm when and where you would like your goods delivered. That is why we are “The Leading Freight Forwarder to Kenya”. We really do deliver in every way!

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For more information about what we can do for you and to enquire about cost, just give us a ring today on +44 0208 571 9523.

We are always ready to help you discover the most cost effective and practical shipping solution for your goods at an economical rate tailored to your individual needs!

A customer promise

Kesom Freight will ensure “that the right items from the right place are collected at the right time in the right condition and delivered to the right customer! That’s simple logistics and we are very good at it!

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