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The Kesom Freight Shopping Portal

Follow the link to your chosen shopping outlet.

If you are an existing customer of the online store then login using your usual username and password. If you are a new customer then you will need to create an new account.

Browse and select your desired product and place into your basket:

On checkout you will need to create a new delivery address.

Kesom Freight International


Unit 12, Heathrow

International Trading Estate

Green Lane, Hounslow

Middlesex. TW4 6HB

Complete the checkout process choosing your delivery time (Note this is the time to deliver to our London office and not the time you will receive your goods. Payment at this point is paid to the Online Store and not to Kesom Freight.

Please copy and paste your confirmation delivery order number and your name here:


Upon receipt of your goods we will email you with final details of delivery and costs , either direct to your door or to our Nairobi Office for your collection.

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Online shopping in the UK

We at Kesom Freight know that many of our overseas customers like to shop online in UK stores and shops. But then experience difficulties in shipping those goods.

Some stores won’t even allow you to ship to some countries owing to the difficulties in choosing a carrier and associated complications with customs .

With Kesom you can do your online shopping with any UK store (some are listed for you below) and use our London address to ship the goods.

We will collect your order (s) and collate them together and ship out to you in one easy shipment all for a standard price (up to 5 kilos)

We will maintain contact with you and agree when you want the goods dispatched. If you want more information then Request a Callback on our form at the top of this page. We’ll call you back in 30 mins.

Clarify in the notes field if this is a single order or one of several orders that you want us to collate for you. Complete the form for each separate order you make.